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The Right Life Coach For You

In recent years years I have had coaching on two occasions, firstly after I had moved from Central London to a village in the Cotswolds. This was a very exciting move at first, after the excitement had worn off, I was left feeling that I had lost direction and my sense of purpose. I was working as a therapist, when I was in London, and I planned to carry on with this after my move. I felt like reality was hitting me I had moved to a small village, was this a good idea or not? Could I really attract enough clients in a rural area with a much lower population? I had already found out that I needed to drop my prices! A voice in my head was telling me life was going to be dreadful, and I had done a silly thing. I needed help.

I already knew of someone locally who was a coach, so I arranged coaching sessions with her. This was completely out of my comfort zone, I was paying her so I would need to be honest if she was to really help me. It would be so tempting to just pretend it wasn’t such a disaster and try to simply carry on.


It was such a relief and so comforting to speak to someone about this. Someone who wasn’t a friend and someone who wouldn’t judge me, and secretly think I had made a mistake. Someone who would not just tell me it would all be fine and I just needed to cheer up.


So I poured it all out to this total stranger, I’d made a terrible mistake, why did I ever think of doing this, how could I be so silly. This is going to cost me a lot of money to put right. Everything came out. Through talking to the coach I gradually realised that I hadn’t been silly. The voices in my head were just that, voices in my head telling me I’d been silly, they couldn’t hurt me and they certainly weren’t always right, as I had suspected.


I was very impressed by how much these coaching sessions helped to get me back on track. It wasn’t long before I felt totally different, motivated and optimistic, excited about my life again and so pleased with how things were unfolding. So those coaching sessions really got me back on my feet I began to feel like my old self again which was wonderful!


A few years after that, I booked a course of coaching to help build up more therapy clients. I was very impressed to find that the coaching worked wonders, really improving the number of clients I was getting, also leaving me with tools and ideas to help me retain clients for the long term as well as attracting new ones.  


In general,  I felt much calmer and found myself enjoying life so much more, I actually feel completely different now. I found that my life had changed out of all recognition, I don’t get lost in worry, and if worry starts I can spot it before it develops into something huge.


With my therapy background I then decided to do a coaching qualification with a view to taking coaching clients. I took a coaching certificate followed by a diploma. Today I work as a general life coach I am seeing a range of clients with a whole cross section of issues I helping them to improve their lives too.


If you are interested in having life coaching with me please do get in touch.


Tips On Choosing A Life Coach


If you have not had Life Coaching before, choosing someone to work with can be daunting, so here are some tips to help you.


Look at Qualifications Look for a life coach who has trained with a from coaching organization. Have a think about what issues you are wanting to explore, you may want someone who specialises in a particular area.


Look For Personal Connection Getting on and having a good rapport with your coach is crucial for a successful coaching relationship. Always arrange an initial chat or discovery call to get more of a sense of the coach's approach. Trust your intuition, choose someone you feel really comfortable with.


Working Methods always ask prospective coaches about what methods and techniques they use.  There are so many methods and you may want to research these to find out more. See if you think their methods resonate with you and align with your preferred learning style.


What Type of Coaching Sessions I work mainly on zoom with clients but can work face to face if someone is local to where I live. If you want to work face to face make sure you can choose someone local. If not then you can work with anyone anywhere provided the time difference suits you. If you don’t want work over the internet on Zoom or any other platform, you can work by phone.


If you have subscribed and have changed your mind that is fine, let me know and I can take you off.

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