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Life Coaching

are you easily bored?

have you lost your sense of purpose?

do you feel your life is going nowhere?

Life Coaching helps facilitate personal growth. It is an exciting journey and I draw on a range of coaching tools to help you move forward with your life.

I encourage you to see the issues which have been getting in the way and I help you to get to where you would really love to be. 

this is where I can help you

I provide a safe space, within which I listen to you without judgement, so we can explore and clarify your thoughts, arriving at your own solutions. As you move through this process, real transformation can occur naturally, dissolving old undesirable patterns that have been hindering your progress.

This safe space provides support and encouragement to allow you to dive deep into your subconscious and make exciting changes to create a fulfilled life. This gives you more clarity and purpose, whilst moving forward with your life and reaching goals. Coaching is a wonderful way to get more out of yourself than you can ever imagine. You can find skills and abilities you didn’t know you possessed, to carry you into an exciting new future.

Pam is great to talk to she makes me feel very comfortable and at ease. She’s also great at reading between the lines and this always leads to some very constructive discoveries!

G Turner 

Pam is able to encourage people to stretch their thinking beyond their boundaries in a kind and supportive way.

M T Smyth

I wanted to let you know that I don't think I would have thought of applying for the role had it not been for the coaching I had with you. You really helped me to recognise that I had experience I could draw on and your coaching helped my confidence enormously. So, thank you.

M Potter

07887 661 253

You already have the answers within you, my job is to encourage you towards searching for them. This way you feel much more empowered and committed to take the action you have identified. Through working closely with me you can experience wonderful, exciting changes in your life.

When you have all my attention on you and your thoughts, it assists you to generate ideas and insights, providing ways forward that are unlikely to be found without this attention. Through working closely with me, you can experience wonderful, exciting changes in your life.

So whether you feel stuck in a rut or simply feel that life is not going the way you hoped, you can turn things around and become an even better version of yourself.


Pam has helped me enormously to identify, prioritise and deal with many outstanding issues and chores. These have been cluttering up my life both physically and mentally for far too long. Pam unfroze my static situation and gave me back the strength and confidence to move forward and tackle life’s hurdles with renewed positivity and satisfaction.

T Perkins

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