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The benefits of regular massage sessions

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

The alarm clock rings and after a night of fitful sleep it is time to start another day.

Are you busy? I’m busy and so are most people I know. As time goes on there seem to be more and more things to do – many of them connected with the internet and staying in contact with an ever expanding world. This goes on twenty four hours a day, so when we get up in the morning we already feel as if we are running to catch up.

Wouldn’t it be good to take a break from this and get a relaxing massage? To just hit the pause button on life and take some time to really relax.

Massage is often thought of as pampering and a luxury, but it is very much more than that. Massage plays a crucial role in our health and wellbeing and should be included in our regime on the same level as exercise and sleep.

We know that massage is good for relaxation and can really help with stress and give us a feeling of wellbeing. It is also well known that massage can help achy, tired muscles. It does this by breaking down waste products and adhesions in the muscles which then get carried away in the bloodstream, helping with ease of movement and improving your range of motion. This is why I remind people of the importance of drinking plenty of water after a massage, it helps eliminate waste products disturbed by the treatment.

But did you know that massage can help keep joint problems at bay as well as help shorten the recovery time from injuries? Massage can also help calm the heart rate and this can lead to improved sleep patterns.

A large proportion of our aches and pains are caused by sitting. The body has not evolved and adapted enough to cope with all the sitting down we do these days!

Most people come to see me because of pain in the muscles of the back and shoulder. This pain can be reduced dramatically with regular sessions. Clients find it beneficial to have a treatment every month or perhaps every six weeks.

These days we are constantly on the go, so busy that we don’t realise that we are in flight or fight mode. This puts pressure on the immune system and can leave us constantly tired and drained. Regular massage sessions can play an important part in your overall health by giving you a break from your busy life helping you relax in calm surroundings.

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