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I am a well-established practitioner of complementary therapies based in the Cotswolds. 

I trained with the Middlesex School of Complementary Therapies in 2002 and since then I have continued to add to my knowledge by updating and improving my skills. I am qualified with Embody and the International Guild of Professional Practitioners. 

The main concern people come to me with is achy muscles, usually involving the upper back and sometimes the lower back. Also, headaches, stress, anxiety and depression are very common problems. More often than not there is more than one issue at the same time. 

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“Pam is fantastic at what she does. I was expecting a standard massage but Pam tailored the treatment to my individual needs. She instinctively focussed on my problem areas and worked on the exact trigger points to release my back and shoulder pain. I came away feeling wonderfully relaxed and pain free.”

J Lousley 

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