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I am a practitioner of complementary therapies and life coaching based in the Cotswolds. 

I trained with the Middlesex School of Complementary Therapies in 2002 I am qualified with Embody and the International Guild of Professional Practitioners also accredited by the Association for Coaching. 

​From my early days specialising in deep tissue massage to alleviate achy muscles and promote wellness, my journey has evolved towards nurturing minds. After all, physical problems often start with stress and worry.

Drawing on years of experience in alleviating physical discomfort, I now offer support and guidance to people looking for clarity, a direction in life, and personal fulfilment. You have the answers within you, and we can gently tease them out by working closely together. I can assist you in overcoming obstacles leading to a balanced and fulfilling life.

I love helping people, it's wonderful to hear when someone has really benefited from my work!

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