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rejuvanessence for a relaxed and stress free appearance

How we look to the outside world is a reflection of our inner world and how we feel. Problems, negative thoughts and stress can show on your face.

Rejuvanessence is a wonderful way to improve how you look and feel, leaving you with a relaxed and happy expression.

Rejuvanessence is a deeply relaxing and detoxifying treatment that engages with the natural healing process of the body. It works on the soft tissues of the face and underlying muscles and can produce the effect of a non-surgical face lift, whilst it is an entirely natural treatment. The muscles of your face need regular exercise as stress and tension can build up. This can cause the connective tissues that surround the muscles to tighten, constricting the flow of blood and lymph.

Rejuvanessence can release tension and stress in up to 91 muscles of the face, neck, shoulders and skull.  Clients can experience profound states of relaxation from this gentle and soothing treatment. It can also work on connective tissue giving it elasticity and making it flexible, giving a more youthful, toned and radiant appearance.

It can boost the circulation and lymphatic drainage, decongesting and clearing toxins from the skin.  By working on the plentiful supply of nerves and blood vessels within the facial muscles and soft tissues circulation is increased, enhancing your natural radiance and vitality. The treatment firms the skin and tones underlying muscles, leaving the face smooth and revitalised.

how rejuvanessence works

Working on the muscles and connective tissues regularly can keep them elastic. Through regular sessions you can become aware of old facial habits and are more able to correct them.

We know that we cannot stop getting older, but the good news is that we can do a great deal to slow down the process. Rejuvanessence can help with this. We might grow older in years, but can retain a youthful attitude and appearance, enjoying life to the full.

I also use reiki healing with Rejuvanessence to enhance the effects of the treatment.

The first six treatments should be booked once every week to ten days. This gives you a good base on which follow up sessions can build.

The first six treatments should be booked once every week to ten days. This gives you a good base on which follow up sessions can build.

I suggest having follow up treatments every four to six weeks.

Some of the issues rejuvanessence can help with:

  • Lively, healthy, relaxed appearance

  • Reduction of fine lines and wrinkles

  • Eradication of the signs of ageing

  • Reduction of stress and anxiety

  • Release of tension

Rejuvanessence                                                      60 Mins £60.00 

Initial Course of 6 Rejuvanessence Sessions                    £330.00

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