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reiki healing

how reiki can help you

Developed in Japan, Reiki is a gentle yet powerful healing therapy. It is a simple way of transferring healing energy from the giver to the receiver. It can restore balance and encourages your body to heal, reducing stress, anxiety, worry and the likelihood of illness and disease.

The Reiki energy flows from the therapist’s hands to the body of the client and to the part of the body where it is most needed. When our “life force energy” is lower, stress and illness are much more likely to occur and when it is high, we are more able to feel healthy and joyful.

The word Reiki is made up of two words, Rei meaning “God’s Wisdom” and Ki meaning energy, or “life force”.  Having a Reiki treatment can feel wonderful, a bit like gradually drifting off to sleep. During this time, while you relax, energy enters your body through points called chakras, gently helping the body heal. During a treatment the client lies on a massage couch covered with a blanket.

As well as being a separate treatment I also use Reiki during Massage and Hopi Ear Candling to enhance the effect of these other treatments.

Treatments take place with the client fully clothed lying on a massage couch.

Distant Reiki how it works

A distance Reiki treatment is very much like a “hands on” treatment and can be just as effective.

We have a brief consultation by phone about how you are and if there is something specific you would like healing for. Then you sit or lie down somewhere comfortable and relax ready to receive the treatment. We also arrange to speak the following day to compare feedback on how the treatment went.

One of the advantages of you having a distant session in your own home, is that you can sleep afterwards, which will help promote the effects of the treatment.

Special Events and Distant Reiki Healing

We can send Reiki to big events you have in your life, such as an operation or job interview or an exam perhaps. We can’t control or change future events, but sending Reiki will allow it to unfold naturally, with an outcome that is for the highest good.

Some of the issues reiki healing can help with:

  • The reduction of stress and anxiety

  • Headaches and migraines

  • Relaxation and sleep

Reiki Healing                                                           60 Mins £60.00 

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