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reiki healing for animals

how reiki healing can help animals

Reiki Healing can work equally well for pets as it does for people. It is a simple way of transferring healing energy from the therapist to your pet. It can restore balance and encourages your pet’s body to heal itself, reducing stress, anxiety, worry and the likelihood of illness and disease.

​The Reiki energy flows from the therapist’s hands and through your pet’s body, it goes to the area where it is most needed. When your pet’s “life force energy” is lower, stress and illness are much more likely to occur and when it is high, animals are more able to feel healthy and joyful.

​Having a Reiki treatment can feel wonderful for your pet and be very reassuring and comforting for them through difficult times. Animals can suffer from stress and anxiety just like people can, Reiki Healing can bring much needed comfort and deep healing.

Reiki Healing can feel a bit like gradually drifting off to sleep. While your pet is relaxing, energy enters your pet’s body through points called chakras, gently helping the body to heal.

During a treatment I can work directly on your pet, or if your pet is quite active, what is equally powerful is for me to do a distant treatment.

distant reiki how it works

A distance Reiki treatment for your pet is very much like a “hands on” treatment and can be equally as effective.

During a Distant Reiki session, I work on a surrogate body, in the form of a teddy bear. This acts as your pet’s body and I work on that, but the effects of the healing energy are felt in your pet.

 Animals are very open to having Reiki Healing and they can sense the energy very quickly, they behave very much like people do, feeling really relaxed and sometimes falling asleep.

how I can work with you and your pet

It is best for your pet to be in a familiar environment which is comfortable for them, to have Reiki Healing. I can come to your home and work hands on with your pet. If your pet is anxious a much more gentle way to introduce Reiki is for me to carry out the distant treatment and be near to your pet whilst I am working.

I have always loved animals and had an affinity with them, so doing animal healing is perfect for me as well as your pet. Over the years I have treated cats and dogs mainly, and once a goldfish!

Some of the issues Reiki Healing can help animals with:


  • Faster healing from injury and operations

  • Improvement of the immune system

  • Reduction of anxiety and stress

  • Revitalisation and rejuvenation

  • Relaxation and sleep

Reiki Healing for Animals                                      60 Mins £50.00 

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