Pam Bennett

I started my massage practise quite late in life, after a career as a textile designer.

I worked as a freelance designer, selling designs mainly for clothing and giftware through an agent. Later I headed up a design studio for a children’s wear company producing collections of garments at the beginning of each season.  

I had a growing interest in complementary therapies and subsequently did a massage course which set me on a totally different path.  

Using my knowledge of trigger points, I can work on tight, painful areas of muscle that can cause issues such as headaches or tingling feelings in the arms. I can reduce pain levels and can improve long-standing problems. This type of deep tissue massage is also ideal for someone who does lots of sport. 

I work with massage to relax both your mind and body, and this can lead to an enhanced sense of well-being. For example, aromatherapy massage can be incredibly beneficial if you are suffering from depression and/or anxiety. This is because massage promotes the release of the body’s own endorphins – feel good hormones, which help relieve pain. This can lift your mood, calm nerves and promote positive feelings. I aim to create a healing, nurturing and uplifting environment where you can feel at ease while your body heals. 

I can’t stress enough the importance of having regular massage every month or 6 weeks, long standing areas of tension can be tackled thoroughly in this way. If a problem has been effecting you for a long time, it can take a few sessions to get rid of, and then it is a matter of maintaining what you have gained. Regular massage helps you to tackle everyday issues from a better place and in a much calmer manner. 

The thing I really like about being a therapist is helping people, it is wonderful when people feel they have really benefited from seeing me and want to book again!  


“Pam was very warm and welcoming and is very knowledgeable about the oils that she uses. She gave me good advice and the massage was beneficial. I would definitely recommend her expertise. Thank you so much Pam.” J Joyce

“I had been having a tough time mentally and physically and Pam’s excellent reiki treatments are a wonderful help and support. They give me much needed strength and energy.” J Fitzgerald

“Relaxing, welcoming, professional – and best of all, the treatments show great results!” N Granger

“My back and shoulder aches have felt so much better, I can’t believe the improvement.” E Whittaker

 “I feel totally relaxed, Pam really hits the spot” K Jervis

“My arm feels so much better since having massage with Pam. She always does a good job.” L Viveiros